And now I will show you The Most Excellent Way” ... LOVE.

(1 Corinthians 12:31)

The Christian Solution to Addiction: "Becoming GOD-Dependent"

We accept one another just as we are.


Understanding the principle of surrendering is the basic need for the recovering addict, alcoholic and family members. Who or what we surrender to is the key to change. The process of permanently changing the outward compulsive habits and self-centered behavior is accomplished from the inside out — it is a matter of the heart. We view “recovery” as the sanctification process of a new life in Christ.

The Most Excellent Way is centered upon Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. We learn:

  • To examine our hearts
  • To be renewed in our minds
  • To live the spiritual life by putting off the old man and putting on the new - spiritual man


The Most Excellent Way meeting is held weekly with God’s Word as our sole authority. Jesus Christ as our only power, and His Holy Spirit as our guide.

Caring support comes by way of teaching how to be transparent and accountable within the group setting.

FAMILY MEMBERS BECOME GOD- DEPENDENT... they find love and support at The Most Excellent Way.

Spouses, parents and “adult children” learn how they can stop the cycle of controlling and fixing. They will gain insight on how to stop blaming their loved one for their own misery and take responsibility for their thoughts, attitudes, and actions.


More than just babysitting - our children can freely express fears, concerns and frustrations that are typical of living with parents struggling with addiction. At most meetings, they will have a Biblical lesson and plenty of playtime. We have qualified adults who lovingly care for our kids and validate them for who they are and assure them that Jesus will never leave them or forsake them.


The quality of love we desire to share is God’s unconditional love — To accept and forgive one another just as God, the Father, accepts and forgives us.

Next Steps...

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